A chance to make a positive difference to the world.

DUGUUD is a clear and straightforward opportunity to be part of a bigger cause. No matter how small your investment you will be making a tangible difference to UK business projects that support environmental and social good.

Funding UK projects

By investing in good UK projects, we can help keep all the benefits that come with them in the country. Plus, we know that our role as a good corporate citizen starts with paying our own tax in the UK.

Making more projects happen

We don’t just buy shares that inflate a company’s value on the stock market. We focus your investment as directly and tangibly as possible on making more projects happen.

Open and accountable

The companies we invest in will be expected to meet our criteria. A transparent and accountable approach that prevents greenwashing and ensures more joined up solutions.

Inclusive and accessible

We only invest in specific areas and promise total transparency on how these projects will be assessed. Creating a clearer path to invest in positive change, for everyone who wants to be involved.