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We only invest in UK business, and only focus on sectors we believe will make the most difference.

We also know from our experience and research that these are the sectors people in the UK want to see the country develop.

Waste reduction.

Our use of resources has become unsustainable, and recycling alone can’t fix that.

In the UK alone we use 5 million tonnes of plastic a year and people want to see that change. That’s why we’re investing in waste reduction and how we can transform our waste into clean energy.

waste reduction
Clean energy

Clean energy.

We aren’t just about carbon neutral, we’re about carbon negative.

We intend to invest in the provision of energy that meets the demands of the country and its businesses, but also helps reduce the carbon emissions of the planet.

Digital inclusion.

Ofcom estimates that between 1.14 m and 1.78 m children in the UK don’t have access to a device for home schooling, and 7% of households can only access the internet through mobile connectivity.

We’ll invest in new projects, partnerships and approaches that address issues like faster fibre in rural areas and improved broadband connectivity in all forms of housing in society.

Digital infrastructure
Sterling Suffolk tomatoes

Sustainable food production

45% of food consumed in the UK is imported. When it comes to the tomatoes in our salads it’s 80%.

That carbon footprint is so complex, nobody can even agree how to calculate it. Investing in import reduction as part of an integrated approach can improve production and distribution methods, create societal impact through employment, regenerate regions and much more.