Independent Financial Advisor and Institutional Investors

Financial professionals know that more of their clients now expect them to not just consider the profit, but also the purpose of their investments. It matters more than ever to see investments from their point of view. In June 2021, DUGUUD carried out research through Kantar with almost 3,000 members of the UK public asking their views on a range of questions on this issue.

The research shows a lack of both public understanding and trust in what financial businesses claim for environmental or social impact. The City is talking to the City in jargon. The financial industry is communicating noise - not understanding. Too often it revels in blurring terminology like sustainability, ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) factors or SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) or impact investing.

If the industry listened, it would discover that just 10% of people are aware of and can explain what the term ‘impact investing’ means.

Yet, when term ‘impact investing’ as a concept is explained to people it is very different – as 60% then agree it can create positive change in the environment and society of the UK. Three times more people will also agree rather than disagree that if they had funds to invest, they would consider this type of investment.

They want and expect their financial advisors actively educate and advise - 67% of adults when thinking about investments would expect Independent Financial Advisors to understand this area and supply options as part of the funds they discuss. Whilst 59% would expect any pension provider to consider these kinds of investments in how they manage, invest and report on a pension fund.

DUGGUD believe this is an opportunity for change. Our research shows, that there are millions of people interested in investing in UK companies that do good. That is why DUGUUD is redefining how things are done and creating a new investment fund to do it. If you want to find out more from our research, just click here.

We want to take investing in companies that do good out of the City and into the high street. That means we are creating a more straightforward, open and accountable approach to investing in this area. Our approach will be about actions, not words.

We’ll be revealing more in the weeks ahead. To ensure you will be the first to know about our plans and insights do please click through to register your contact details.